I’d like to say that I’m slick. Cool, casual, effortless. The truth is that I am the furthest from that. Maybe not the furthest, I can still awkwardly wave at the slick people before the earth’s curvature hides them from view, but pretty far. This morning I woke up with a headache and a turning […]

Evening thoughts

I’ve listened to the fan all day. It sits in its corner, behind the worn leather sofa, continually blowing cool air at my sleepy companion, a massive Alaskan Malamute named Dante. His thick double coat is slightly bent against the strong draft, but his eyes stay tightly shut as he stubbornly clings to sleep. My […]

Lost in the city.

Right now I’m sitting at the small kitchen table in my new apartment in Portland, Oregon. Five stories below my floor-length windows, rain pelts the ground incessantly. This is day three, and most of my belongings are safely stowed away in their respective cupboards and drawers, with few exceptions. A dry-erase calendar sits forlornly on […]